Final Farewell

by Hailey   Dec 3, 2004

I'm That Forgotten Child
That No-One Can Ever Remember
That Cute Little Smile
That Disappeared Last November

All These Hundreds Of Poems
Iv Written Over The Last Year
Helped Me Overcome So Much
But Never The Painful Fear

I Knew Id Always Write
As Long As I Had A Will To Live
But Now That Its Finally Gone
Theres No More Words To Give

The Tears Push Away the Letters
The Pain makes My Hand Shake
For All The Poetry In The World
Couldn't Make Me Want To Awake

That Little Place Deep Inside
That Inspires Me To Write
Has Slowly Disappeared Today
Faded Away With The Night

I'm Now The Little Girl
That Doesn't Have A Smile
The Little Girl People Lost
And Haven't Seen In Awhile

I'm Nothing But Fading Scars
Entwined On A Young Girls Wrist
I'm Nothing But A Painful Memory
That Some People Believe May Exist

I'm No More Than Empty Words
On A Blaring Computer Screen
No-One Will Ever Remember Me
Or If I Even Had A Dream

Theres No Words From My Heart
I Cant Even find My Soul
I Tried To Find That Happy Place
But Turned Up An Empty Hole

The Darkest Days Are Yet To Come
And The Words Have Gone Away
The Pain And Endless Suffering
Has More To Send My Fragile Way

The Memory Of Me Has Faded
Along With My Soul And Heart
Now I'm Little Pictures Or Letters
Or A Memory Too Torn Apart

I'm Just An Empty Shell
Of A Girl At Only Fifteen
Who'll Soon Say Her Farewells
And Vanish Into A Dream

No More Endless Nights
No More Pain Here To Stay
I'm Forever Scarred In Memory
Now A Reason To Go Away

How About The Nightmares
Or That People Dint Know I Exist
Or All The Times I Sat Up Crying
Or My Dreams And Ambitions Are In A Mist

Or The Simple Horrible Fact
That I Cant Write Anymore
That The Little Place Inside
Has Now Locked The Door

So With No More To Write
And Simply Saying I Did Try
Because The Words Are Forever Lost
So I Now Must Say Goodbye....

This Is The Last Poem Iv Decided To Write In Awhile..Thank you Everyone So Very Much For The Comments And Votes And Making This Site Such A Great,Happy Place For Me..I'm Not Exactly Sure Ill Write Anymore Or If I Will Ever Again..But Thank you..Ill Continue To Comment And Vote On Everyone Else's And Good Luck To Every Poet Here..Thank you All..Love Hailey,BehindASmile..Xoxox


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    Thnaks Thundersrose..That Means Alot coming From You..I Just Need To Find Some Inspiration Soemwhere To Write When I Do..U Can Bet Ill Be Bak..Take Care..Luv Hails

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    Thanks Melanie..Thats Nice To Know..Iv Just Given Up On Writtin For Awhile..But Ill Stay A Loyal Member To This Site Forever..Thanks Mwa Mwa

  • 14 years ago

    by xCrImSoNxTeArSx

    I will miss reading your peoms as they're great! I hope your ok and please please don't say your farewells as too many people will miss you!
    luv ya
    mel xxoo