Im so thankful I found you

by Ro$h3LlE k.A NeNa   Dec 9, 2004

Linda you are my best friend.Without you life just wouldn't mean anything.You have a special place in my heart, you are my only confort when everything else goes wrong. I have never meet anybody as selfless as you. Not only have you saved my life but many more.There's no doubt your bound to go to heaven. I realy hope life treats you better.

If it was up to me I'd buy you everything. So that you don't have to work your but off even on the weekends.We can argue, we can fight. but not once do we go to bed without saying goodnight. You see my true beauty you see right through me. Your the only one who actually calls my doctor when I am sick.

Your didn't even know me the first time you saw me and still we bonded as if I was your daughter. Grandmother your incredible, your my mother my sister and my guardian angel


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