by Hailey   Dec 19, 2004

I Know That I'm Not Perfect
Or Normal Like The Rest
Everyday I Get Your Patience
And Put It Too The Test

I'm Forever Always Crying
And You Don't Know What To Say
I'm Always Picking Fights With You
But I Don't Really Want You To Walk Away

I'm Always In A Mood
Snapping And Snarling At You
Your Always Trying So Hard
To Figure Out What To Do

I Write This Stupid Poems
About Some Boy From The Past
But The Truth Will Always Be
It Was Better That Didn't Last

I Know You Think I Love Him
But I Realized Just The Other Day
I Could Not Ask For Anything More
Than To Have You Here To Stay

I'm Never Crying For Him
I'm Crying Over That Night
Theres Nothing You Could Do
To Make That Alright

But I Never Treat You Fair
even Though I Know I Should
You Cant Deal With This Forever
I Know That No-one Would

But When I'm not Crying
I'm Watching You Sleep
I Bet You Didn't Know That
Its A Tiny Secret I Keep

Or When Your Laughing At A Joke
You Always Make Me Smile
You Turn My Bad Days Around
And Make It All Worth Wild

You Take My Horrid Past
And Make The Future Bright
You Even Make Me Believe
That Things Will Be Alright

I Know That I'm Not Nice
And At Times I Make You Sad
I'm Always Trying To Change This
So Things Wont Turn out Bad

But I'm Trying A Little More
To show All This Love
Iv Given Up All My Plans
To Fly Up Up And Above

Iv Put Down That Knife
I Don't Wanna Hurt Anymore
Iv Taken Him Completely
And Thrown Him Out The Door

And All This Happened
When You Entered My Life
Made Me See My Potential
Without Death Or A Knife

You Make Me Feel Worthy
For Someone To See
You Make Me Feel Gorgeous
And Just More Than Pretty

So Thank you Mark
For All You Give Me Each Day
For The Past Is Now The Past
And You've Shown Me A Better Way...

I Know This Isn't One Of My Best Cause Its From The Happier Side Of Me But I Just Wanted To Make Mark See How Much I Love Him And How Much I DO Cherish Him Each Day..Thank you Babe And I Love Ya SO SO SO Much...Mwa Mwa..Comment And Vote..Thank..LOVE YA...


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Heather M Craig

    aww that is so sweet of you. we all need a love like that in life!~good luck with mark and yourself!and thank you so much for the comment! God bless.
    <3 Heather Craig.

  • 14 years ago

    by BIGBIRD

    I can only do what i see, and what i see is someone who means more than the world to me and someone who deserves nothing less than the best from anyone. but if there is 1 thing i want you to know, that is that im always here for you, and i will never turn my back on you, I Love you soo much and i want you to be happy no matter what! I Love You! Love Mark.