My Brothers

by Hailey   Jan 2, 2005

I Always Write Of Pain
But Not What Matters The Most
Having The Best Brothers In The World
And I Just Cant Help But Boast

Broken Hearts Don't Really Matter
When You Have Brothers Like Me
Wait Till I Can Show You All
then All This You Will See

Four Brothers Seems Allot
But I Think Its Just Enough
Always There To Help Me
When Things Are Getting Tough

Connors Only Two Years Old
But Already My Shining Light
Shows Me When You Fall Down
A Band-aid Makes It Alright

He Shows Me Things Are Made Perfect
From A Little Spider Song
And It Doesn't Matter How Old Boys Are
Not Even A Toddler Admits Hes Wrong

He Shows Me The Little Things
Are What Makes Life Great
And That In Every Animal Or Human
You Can Always Find A Mate

And As Much As I Wont Admit
Kieren Always Makes Me Smile
Showing Me That Every Person
Has Their Own Quirky Style

He May Be Only Twelve
But Has Wisdom he Doesn't See
He Proves Boys Don't Grow Up
And That Its Fine Just Being Me

He Proves Laughing Is A Medicine
Even At Some Made Up Song
He Shows Me Every Single Day
That You Can Always Right Every Wrong

He Even Makes Me Realize
That You Shouldn't Grow Up To Soon
How Fun It Is Being A Kid Like Him
Playing Up And Having A Messy Room

Then Theres Always Guy
So Much Closer To My Years
My Little Loyal Listener
When I Was Shedding All My Tears

He Reminds Me Of Myself
When I Was Just His Age
That Life Was One Big Movie
And You Happened To Be On Stage

He Proves The Life Long Myth
That Boys Just Love Their Toys
And That High school Life
Does Sometimes Have Its Joys

He Shows Me Growing Up
Can Sometimes Be So Much Fun
And As Selfish As It May Seem
Teenagers Always Think Of Number One

Then Theres Always Corey
Older Than My Brothers Or Me
Shows Me Getting Older Is Tough
But Still Eighteen Is A Great Age To be

He Shows Me If You Have A Dream
Than Don't Left Nothing In Your Way
Shows Me No Matter What Situation
Don't Ever Be Afraid To Have Your Say

He Proves That Everyone Is Different
And That Big Brothers Think Their Right
He Shows Me Seriousness Is Only Skin Deep
And That Every Person Enjoys A Play Fight

He Shows Me Family Is Important
No matter How Old You Ever Get
He Teaches Me These Lessons Everyday
And There Ones I Wont Forget

My Brothers All Teach Me Different Things
And Each In A Unique Way
The Show Me All These Wonderful Things
Without Really Knowing Everyday

They Show Me Brothers Aren't So Bad
And That Myth Isn't Really True
Because I Wouldn't Give Them Up For The World
After All The Things We've Been Through

And Maybe Being A Sister
Isn't Really So Bad After All
Because You'll Never Be Alone
When Theres Always Someone To Call....

This Poem Is About My Four Wonderful brothers And What They Bring To my Life each Day..The Eldest Corey Does The Whole Tough Love Thing Which Makes Me Believe I Can Be A Writer If Its What i Really Want..Guy Who's 13 Makes Me See Actually What A Troublesome teen I Was When I Started High school..Kieren who's 12 makes me laugh with his mad up songs and bad jokes..and Connor who's 2 makes me see the special moments about the tiniest little things..brothers are actually great


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by christina

    great work that was ssoooooo sweet and beautfull keep it up :D
    take caree

  • 14 years ago

    by FireCracker

    I ahve also read the majority of ur work adn think ur very very awesome and keep up watever it is ur doin cuz u got talent .. NO DOUBT! ! Check out my poems id love to know wat u think

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    Thanx Claire...I Am Lucky To Habe My Bros And Such Supportive People Like U On The Site..thanks for all ur loyal comments and deep words that have kept me going..keep writting as well..luv always..a fan forever hails