by DestinyAwaits   Jan 15, 2005

My life at times seems like one big jigsaw puzzle,
But you were always there to make me feel complete.
Your faith is what keeps me alive,
Because you are my heartbeat.

You constantly know what is on my mind,
There's no need for me to even speak.
With your touch of comfort running through my body,
Your passion being the pulse to my heartbeat.

Never having the courage to be truly open with you,
I would just lose all train of thought when our eyes meet.
The pounding in my chest seeming to get louder,
Because it's the thought of you in my constant heartbeat.

Even some of the hardest times when I'd get knocked down,
Fear never fell over me cause you were there to put me back on my feet.
And now that you're not there when I turn around,
There's a little skip in the flow of my heartbeat.

I sit back and think about the late night talks,
When you only lived right down the street.
Remembering how close we use to be,
And the first little flutters in my heartbeat.

The pain from my past relationships,
Are now only the scars in my memory I wish I could delete.
Your words of wisdom being the healing,
The cure pumping through my heartbeat.

As time continues on its course,
One day maybe this fear I shall defeat.
For if I lose the one thing I could have had,
It will be the loving end to my heartbeat.


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