Nothing To Everything

by mary   Feb 2, 2005

It’s crazy how I could’ve cared less about you when you were nothing to me
You were just another guy
Whenever you would talk to me
I wouldn't even smile
When I saw you pass me by
I would’ve never stopped to say hi
You were just there
I never thought anything of you
Even when you’d stare
Its crazy, I never thought I’d see
That one day you would have all of me
Now when someone says your name
My heart skips a beat
It’s really insane
The things you do to me
When I see you talking to other girls
It crushes me more than anything
It’s crazy how quick you went from being nothing to everything
Now when you talk to me
I get nervous to speak
I always try to look my best
So you can really notice me
What’s happening?
I don’t know why I’m having these feelings
I just woke up one day and looked at you so differently
I see you in places I would never imagine
Then I can’t go to sleep for nights
But I don’t know why this happens
Whenever I try to say someone’s name
Your name always comes out
It’s such a shame
I can’t figure this out
Whenever I don’t see you where I usually do
I get really upset
And I actually go looking for you
I’m starting to notice the way you walk
Your sexy lips
And the way you talk
You become more attractive everyday
I notice every detail about you
Even the way you say my name
When you talk to me
I imagine us kissing
I imagine us being together
And “us” being everlasting
I find myself paying attention to every word you say
Now everything coming from you is so important to me
I could be here for you at any hour of the day
If you would just let me
It’s crazy how quick you went from being nothing to everything
And I still haven’t figured out
What it is that you’ve done to me


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