I never saw it

by TheGayPimp   Feb 10, 2005

We run off Cause we
Know they don't care and
we think If only they knew how
much we bleed and how we
cry ourselves to sleep
And the only way we can
take our mind of it Is to
cut, and cut deep I wish,
when I was standing at the
top I could have seen how
far down it was
Before I let myself drop
Things will never be
As they were before
You and me
Not any more
That closeness went
Each time you lied
Why did you turn on me
You lie and smile
Like it was funny
It took me a while
Then I would
But I keep remembering
the things you do
If I could
I’d forget you
I never realized you brought them
I never saw it was you all along
You kept lying, again and again
Didn’t you se it was wrong?
Now you’re out of my life at last
I realized you were miserable at home
But I never asked
You to be alone
I would have been with you
As much as I could
It’s true
I would
But there is no going back now
nine years I wasted
But I miss you somehow
You took all there was to take
People used to say
What a happy people we make
But now they see us today

(i hpe some 1 gets the real maening of this so plz vote and comm.)


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Latest Comments

  • Ya ii really liked that that was really good
    because ii am a cutter myself
    so ii can relate to that.
    except ii do it because of family problems
    and my best friend getting killed by another one of our best friends
    but keep the good work up gurl

  • 11 years ago

    by Robie Lincer

    Love all of ur poems!
    leaves me speachless all the time hehe...

    u really got the talent...
    keep it up!

  • 12 years ago

    by little leppy

    Keep em cummin you rally have got talent bird! i think this 1 might be my favourate! xXx =>

  • 12 years ago

    by melly xx

    I love your poem
    its flippin awesome as napoleon dynamite would say


  • 13 years ago

    by music is my medication

    It totally kicks ass!

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