You made me cry

by Gunjan   Feb 20, 2005

You made me cry today
You made me cry yesterday
You made me cry day and day before
You made me cry last week
You made me cry last month
You made me cry everyday
But you wont make me cry tomorrow
Coz i've become too numb
and I've run out of tears
So i guess I'll just stand and watch
as you carry on...
And maybe one day I'll smile...
The day I win my heart back
Wish me luck...I'll need it
I'll havto forget you're my love
Forget you're anything at all
Forget the time
The tearful crime
The crime of losing my heart ...
to a boy who'll never even know
So I guess that was the final goodbye
I tried hard not to cry
You came and washed away all my fears
You went and my eyes filled with tears

I miss you
And i guess...
I love you


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