This World

by pinkalias   Mar 6, 2005

Vanquished beneath sheets of hollowed blue
forever destined to endeavor this light burning through my limbs
swimming into blank and shattered glass and scarcely able to breathe
too much to handle, far too heavy of a burden to carry
if only those wretched oceans of crimson tyranny would float to mass of tidings

then what would this wretched world be?
The core of excruciating shame and everlasting toil lies within the depths of every living object
They know this, yet produce this charade of shadowing stories which proceed to induce these malicious ideals

This world, far too dead
alone we are in this mass of conquered flood
there is no divine race for which to bestow comfort in hopes of reaching some expectation of righteous faith
no we are alone, alone and forgotten, as are the angels

The angels which once held the glory to survive in such a planet and find peace
peace, an everlasting promise yet full of manipulated lies
Lies filled with hope and tremendous amounts of faith only to be shattered with knowledge of stories transfered to reality and broken
This illusion, like a drug
addicting though the victims know it's deadly
trapped in a world of denial and everlasting high of banished dreams waiting to reform
till one wretched morning they find themselves compulsing in an uncontrollable series of shots ringing through their bodies
and when the attack is over and proven fatal, they beg for more.

What of this world which has so sanctified freedom that we have reduced it to useless rambles?
Something so precious should never have been declined to such a dishonorable mention of gratitude
Used against our free will when such a divine right was meant to shelter us from meaningless sacrifice and toil
...what of this world?

What of this planet that has raped and battered it's last memory of innocence
That preaches ongoing protection to the most frail and helpless creatures only to disgrace their bodies and force them to endure unbearable pain
To these creatures, these people, these children which have befallen to opened hands of treachery and betrayal
these children which have done nothing to provoke such dishonorable content then be shed this persecution of dignity and pride
What of this hell bound universe that they steal the purist force of these children while throwing themselves at mercy to be saved, then turn away to run and leave the shattered beings to cry away their last virtue, never to live again

This world, neglected insanely of integrity
trapped in a twisted stance of hideous lies all too readily settled
robbed of it's blessed form and stripped of it's innocence title
transfered to a degree of hate that has long since cursed the oblivious subjects of matter
molding their purist thoughts to pursuit of pain and torture


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  • 13 years ago

    by Steve

    I seriously think you should consider publishing!

  • 13 years ago

    by Georgi

    beautiful gave it a 5 xxxxx

  • 13 years ago

    by EpithetPoet

    Wow. This was so emotioanally said. You certainly had a lot on your mind when you were writing this. You should have more votes man, pure brilliance.

  • 13 years ago

    by pinkalias

    I believe in evolution and the scientific theorys of the way the earth came about. we have PROOF. And I didn't need to explain myself, but I did anyway.

  • 13 years ago

    by Mustardhart

    Hey THis is awesomw and beautifully written. Keep up the good work.