What would you do

by Alyssa Aka: lyssa   Mar 15, 2005

What would you do?

When you knew that the one person
The only person in your life
Was going to past away soon
I don't want you to ever to leave my side
Every mourning i wake up
Knowing I'm still here because of you
We have this special bond
The one that all my friends get jealous over
I am very strong
But knowing that your really sick
Is braking me up so much inside
Knowing the fact that people die
If i could get god to trade your place
He could take me instead
Don't have the strength to look you
in the eye without crying
I can't fall asleep anymore easy
Knowing that tomorrow you might not see
The hardest part is what will happen
Who will be there to help me through my life
Knowing that I have to spend my time wisely
How do I know that everything will be OK
My heart is hurting so bad
My life is like living a nightmare
It just keeps haunting me, and keeps getting worst
So tell me what would you do when that
person in your heart is gone
No more hugs, no more bonding, no more love
All you have are memories
Can you tell me one thing, promise that will
meet again!

*Please tell me will meet again, so i can pray every day that that day will come soon! Because once i lost you, i don't want to stay here, i wanna be where u are! Mom your the best in my life, i don't know who else is there for me! My friend can say things and they can listen, but no one can ever be there like u are! So just promise me! That one day, you'll be waiting for me!



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