Small Town Heros

by Jacki   Mar 25, 2005

I moved to a new town, population 1012.
1 street light, 5 stop signs, 1 grocery store,
2 bakeries, 1 Gym, 2 lawyers corporations,
and last but not least 1 building for cosmetic

A sign that read "FREE Gastric Bypass"
first 10 through the door, after that
25% off this week only.
I sat there at the one street light
wondering if I was reading this right.

Has cosmetic surgery for overweight fat
people turned into a Sears commercial?
The light changed and I drove on, still
pondering the thought of Overweight Americans.

I drove by the bakeries, fresh donuts in the window.
Cars lined up outside, it even had a drive thru.
How strange I thought.
I looked both ways and continued to drive.

The grocery store was packed, the fat ladies pushing
their carts.
The lawyer's office to my right had a sign
in the front. The bright letters sure
caught my attention at first glance.

"Are the fast food industries to blame for
you being over weight? Did the cosmetic surgery industry
offer a good deal on Gastric Byass surgery?
Did you suffer from the doctor screwing up? Take back
your life and come talk to us today. FREE consultations"

Again I drove off, now wondering about the people
who live in this town with 1 street light and 5 stop signs.
Could I live in a town full of ugly wanna-be beauty queens,
suing America for there over indulgence on donuts?
Whose bill boards read of credulous, uneducated, welfare recipients?

But what about the cosmetic building offering a
Sears deal? Profit I thought genius idea to use
the overweight Americans, to cash in on a quick buck.
I really should have finished my medical degree
and again I drove off, pulled into the gym to turn on the lights;
Thinking I have a bleak place here in this town.


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