When someone you love dies

by seun   Apr 1, 2005

It’s a nice story to tell when you love someone
But a different story when he passes away
It’s very painful when he doesn’t wait to say goodbye
It would be like the end of the world has come
It’s so painful to bear

“why has this happened to me?”
“who could ever be like him?”
“can we still meet again?”
“can I ever see someone to love me like him?”

Such are the likely questions a victim would ask
To this person, there is no amount of consolation you can offer
That would make her forget about this loved one
It might be your father, mother, brother, sister
Or even your BEST FRIEND

This has happened to so many people all over the world
And they finally accepted their fate
How would you feel?
We don’t pray for it

But the question is
What do you do when the only person
Who can stop you from crying
Is the person who made you cry?.


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