A daughters pain

by Jaymie   Apr 9, 2005

As you lay in your sick bed,
you looked so sad and lost.
I'd have given you my lifes blood.
no matter what the cost.

i didn't wont to lose you
i love you more than life
you were more than just a mother.
you were a Nana and a wife

So much i needed to tell you.
So many things to say
i thought you were getting better
you seemed stronger each day.

Then you lost your luster
your spirits seemed to fall
i thought you were just tired.
and so fed up with it all.

You hardly ever spoke to me.
was there nothing you needed to say?
did you know you were dying?
did you even wont to stay?

and then while you were sleeping.
the lord he quietly came.
he laid his hand upon your heart
and took away your pain.

i don't think i can ever forgive him
for taking you away
he shattered my world completely
all in a single day.

you were more than just my mother
you were my closest friend
we shared a very spacial bond
why did it have to end?

you listened to my problems
you talked my worries though
you were always there to Guido me
and i cherished having you.

all the love you gave me
was always pure and true
you were a very spacial friend
and i cherished loving you.

there comes a time in our lives
when we must just let go
and I've tried so hard to do that mum
but my hearts still aching so.

they say with time comes healing
and i pray to god thats true
i thought I'd die from all the pain
i felt in losing you.

so think of me with tenderness
this daughter you left behind
and please be there to welcome me
when god deems it's my time.

so until we are together
I'll do my best and try
to heal the gap your leaving left
and to stem the tears i cry.

I'll be thinking of you always
as you fill my heart with love
and try to make you proud of me
as you watch me from above.

that was for my mum i luv u heaps and i miss you!!!!!


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