The Lost And The Forgotten

by Hailey   Apr 28, 2005

All The People On Here
Scream A Silent Pain
A Pain That Takes You Hostage
And Drives You So Insane

That Boy Sits Here Saying
That Beautiful Girl Broke My Heart
What Did I Do Wrong He Screams
As His Life Slowly Fades Apart

Vow-es He'll Never Love Again
And God Hes Only Sixteen
While She Sits And Laughs With Another
And He Lives This Hell It Seems

Another Millionth Rape Victim
Cries Herself To A Dreamless Sleep
Writes A Pain Others Cant Begin To See
And Feels The Depths Of Darkness begin To Seep

Asks God "Why Did I Walk That Street Home"
"Why Didn't You Watch And Save Me From Afar"
And As She Cries Another Sunrise Approaches
And She Knows This Is Just How Things Are

Again Someone Sits And Writes
A Final Letter Of Goodbye
"Tell Mum Its Not Her Fault"
Wondering A Death Of Only Why

Sprinkle His Ashes In The Sea
As His Father Plays Pretend
"Why Did He Push Him So Far"
Thats Boys Own Blood Brings The End

And Good Little Loving Daddy
Let Your Daughter Sleep Alone Tonight
Stop Doing What Your Doing To Her
Ignore The Truth,Cause what You Do Isn't Alright

She Covers Up The Cuts
And Becomes A Talented Ritter On This Site
But When The Computers Off For Now
We Don't Even Wonder What She Does To Get Through The Night

Hes On Suicide Watch Another Time
And Curses He Didn't Succeed Again
Watches His Mother Cry Beside Him
Wishing She Could Put His Pain To An end

And Shes Just Another Grown Up Little Girl
Who Never Recovered From That Night
Lost The Will To Live At Only Fourteen
She Lost The Strength To Fight The Good Fight

And He Knows He'll Do It Again
Make A Cut That Will Soon Heal
He May Not Be Classified As Suicidal
But Isn't Cutting A Decease So Real

And Shes Dying From A Broken Heart
Feeling So Broken And Forever Used
He Said He Loved Her That Night In Bed
So Her Virginity She Would Loose

His Mum Just Wont Stop Yelling
And Hers Just Pushes All The Time
These Stories Of This Hell So Dark
Are Yours And They Are Mine

But We Continue Writing
As If Someone Will Save Us From Ourself
Hoping That Boy Who Called You Baby Doll
Will Take This Dusty Doll Of His Shelf

And Praying Your Dad Will Stop
And Your Door Will Stay Locked Tonight
He Prays She'll Come back One day Soon
And She'll Make Everything All So Very Right

She Prays She'll Recover From A Disease
That Takes Her As Its Devils Possession
That She'll Take The Blade And Throw It
And Be Saved From The Unsolvable Depression

We Were All Once Kids
Little Girls And Little Boys
So What Are We These Days
The Devils Helpless Toys

Were Broken Beyond Repair
Hearts That Can No Longer Love
Were The Forgotten Of Society
The Ones Who Belong Up Above

So Another Girl Hides Under The Covers Tonight
When Her Daddy Enters The Darkened Room
Another Boy With A Heart Broken So Deep
Sits Again In His Room Facing His Doom

And She Takes The Blade Again
And Pleas For A Better Tomorrow
She Wishes For That Night To Fade
And Be Washed Away Of Sorrow

And So When The Pen Is Put Down
And The Paper Scrunched Up In The Bin
Remember The Ones You Forgot So Long Again
And Remember The Pain We Hold Within....

This Is A Little Bit For Everyone..Inspired By Your Poems I Read Everyday..The People Who tell Me To Hold On When I Know They Suffer A Pain Some Far Worse..Everyone Is Beautifully...And We May Be Lost,...we May Be Forgotten..But We Have Each Other..To Every Single Person On This Site...May Your Hell Feel A Heaven Like Light One day...Love Ya All..Always A Loyal Loving Member,,,,Hailey..


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  • 13 years ago

    by Aidyn

    You know, you don't see many poems like this, and it just...opens your eyes to everything that DOES happen. I was amazed at just how many people were suffering like that when I first joined. All I can say is thank you for writing this poem. I'm sure it's a comfort for everyone suffering in front of their computer.

  • 13 years ago


    dont ever change. this world needs more people like you

  • 13 years ago


    dont ever change. this world needs more people like you

  • 13 years ago

    by Cassiopée

    it's an awesome poem... so deep. it almost made me cry. keep up

    take care ^-^

  • 13 years ago

    by destiny

    it's AWESOME!!! i mean, i wish i would write truth like that man, but i know i'm not good enough....but anyways, i hope your deep words never leave your mind, because they can do so much to a person-you never, i say GREAT JOB & NEVER CHANGE!!!!!