No More Tears

by Hailey   May 12, 2005

Dear My Dearest God
This Is A Young Girls Plea
I Think I'm Finally Ready
To Go Back To Being Me

Take The Blade From Its Hiding Place
I Don't Want It Anymore
And Even If Tomorrows A Bad Day
I Promise To Leave Closed The Past Door

I Promise Not To Cut
And I Wish I Could Take It Back
I Suppose Today Made Me Realize
I Need To Get My Life Back On Track

Oh And Please Bless My Family
For All That They Have Done
I Couldn't Have Got This Far Lord
Especially Without My Mum

And Thank you For The Sight
To See That Boy Just Wasn't For Me
Ill Always Cherish Him For Caring
But That Love Came With An Expensive Fee

I Know You Cant Take Back The Nights
When Id cry Myself To A Horrible Sleep
But I Don't Want Any More Of Those Times
I Think The Pain Has Gone Far To Deep

And Please Forgive Me For Not Doing All This
A Long Time Ago In The Past
But I See The Light Just A Little Ahead
And I'm Gonna Make This Life Last

I'm Going To Live The Life You Gave Me
And Be Thankful For The Love You Give
You Gave Me A Families Love Forever
And For That Alone I Choose To Live

I Take Back Saying I Hated You
Please Just See I Was So Mad
But Everything Happens For A Reason
One day Ill Find One For Being So Sad

So Amen My Lord Today
And Thank you For My Tomorrow
Because Even If Life Is Hard
The Goodness Over Turns The Sorrow

Comment And Vote Please..Everyone Who's Ever Read My work Knows Convincing People Liefs worth It Just Isn't MY Style But I Realized Recently..Sometimes..And Some days..Things Don't Have To Hurt That Much...Love You All


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by SadnesssMadnesss

    That wsa good. It was really moving and it makes people think about if they should really take this life for granted. That's why I wrote the poem Blinded.

  • 13 years ago

    by Jordan

    I loved this poem more than I can even say. It is so truth, and it's a little more than that. It's beautifully written, and I loved it!
    Much Love,

  • 13 years ago

    by Lindsay C

    wow.. this poem is awesome! i am really glad that you came to this realization! beautifully written! keep it up! 5/5

    God Bless ya!