A Rare Good Day

by Hailey   May 12, 2005

Today Was One Of Those Days
When The Past Didn't Hurt As Much
For One Moment Out Of The Day
I Didn't Think Of That Horrible Touch

My Mind Didn't Wander To Screams
that No-one Ever Really Heard
I Didn't Look Up And At The Sky
And Wish I Was That Fretful Bird

I Didn't Tremble And Shake So Much
That My Legs Refused To Walk
When An Awkward Question Arises
I Didn't Find It Hard To Talk

No,Today Was One Of Those Days
When I was Happy To Be Alive
These Days Don't Usually Happen
So On This New Energy I Strive

I Realized People Didn't Look At Me And See
A Poor Little Rape Victim All On Her Own
I Realized Some People Always Care About You
And Are Never Hesitant To Pick Up That Phone

I Didn't Have To Cry Or Cut
And Without The Tears I Felt Better
I Realized I Wasn't A Bad Human Being
And I Deserved More Than Rainy Whether

I Realized That People Don't See
All The Horridness IN My Head
They Just See A Girl Called Hailey
Who Has Funny Comments To Be Said

And Maybe For One Happy Day
Its OK Once In Awhile To Be Me
Because Sometimes Things Aren't That Bad
It Just Takes A Little Time To See....

Well Comments And votes Would Be Appreciated And You Guessed It..I had A Really good Day The Other Day..I Realized Some People Always Care And Love You No Matter What..Thanks everyone..Special Thanks To Nor...Maw


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Jordan

    Wow this poem was really good! I loved it alot.
    Much Love,

  • 13 years ago

    by Bleeding_Red_Fallen_Angel

    after reading that other one I just had to check some of your others out. You are an amazing writer and have such a great talent. As the other one was amazing so was this. Great work hun. >3jess

  • 13 years ago

    by Krystal

    That was really good, I understand how you feel, not the raping part though. But I do understand how nice it is to have a good day without thoughts like that, and how nice it is to realize that someone really does care, and they are always are there for us. Great Job!!!
    Krystal Caye