Sands of Time

by Broken   Jun 6, 2005

The sands of time
Slow to an end
Along with every grain
Burning tears descend
Down a crippled soul

No way to mend
The scars are already there
Permanent, just as time
No way to go back
But it is fair

The sands of time run thin
And the soul is burned more
Oh, if time could be turned
The day of death
Would be without gore

In a dazzling beauty
The soul could mend you
It could fix it's wrongs
Save you from a world of pain
But time is something that flew

Time had escaped
From the soul's charred grasp
The soul screamed in agony
Accepting what is to come
The soul died within time's grasp

**Maybe I'm the only one that will understand what I mean because the soul and time are symbolic for many things...**


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  • 13 years ago

    by tormented

    Quit bein a b. mer bear, hows david? and i got some news, incase you care, and if you dont il tell you anyways. im getting maried, yep jan 13, ur invited if you want. i miss you my sweet sexy mer bear, you wer the bestest friend i could ever have!!! im suck a looser, hit me up, im outta my moms house so email me,
    love you bunches, we have a lot of catching up and talking to do.

  • 13 years ago

    by tormented

    Nice poem. used to be a nice friend. but thats all over now. thought we was cool. i guess you never really know a person. L8r

  • 13 years ago

    by hdmgmhcmv

    I really liked the chosen words you used.