My Last Letter

by Kelby   Jun 13, 2005

What if I never get better
This feeling is really right
Maybe I am sick
But I can't put up a fight

What if I can't finish school
That I can't even go to prom
I don't even get to graduate
What if I don't live that long

What if I don't get married
I never have a kid
Maybe I won't grow up
What'll happen if I don't live

What if I do have cancer
And I never come home
What if I can't make this through
And I can't make this on my own

What if the chemo doesn't work
I died and no one was there
What if I'm dying now
And no one really cares

What if I can't grow old
Maybe this is just a test
What if I'm suppose to go
Maybe that is for the best

What if I left today
What if I was already gone
Would it help if I wasn't scared
Would it be easier to move on

What if it is my time
This was your plan all along
What if I made my purpose
And it's time that I'm gone.

I'm asking for one thing Lord
You want me with you, and I am there
I'll be at your every calling
Because God, you know what's fair.

But Lord, my last request
My last prayer with you I'll seek
Please let my family know I love them
And my friends not to be weak

Let them all be brave
Because what your doing, I'm holding on
I know that this might be hard
But please make sure they're strong

Dear God, my last question
Will you let him know I still do
Let him know of course,
That I still love him too

Whatever your will might be
I'm trusting you with all I've got
Whether it's dying and living again
I know your calling the shots

So What if I do leave
And I gotta do this on my own
I'm going to be OK
Because I'm almost home..


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