The thing that I Control

by Julez   Jun 17, 2005

I do this every night.
to escape the way i feel.
It takes away the pain that i have come to deal.

I know I shouldn't do it,
but i can't think of any other way. As the blood slowly drips down my arm, I question whether or not to stay.

The pain is unbearable, but it really helps me cope. To cut with that razor i feel is my only hope.

All I need is for someone to take me away from here. I wonder if I die, if that will take away my fear.

No!stop! go back, I want a second chance.
It's too late now, my mind and body's in a deep dark trance.

Does anyone hear me crying to come out. My breath is getting shorter. I can barely shout.

What's done is done and over with,
no more tears left to cry.
I'm sorry that the time has come to say my last goodbye.

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