A Little Girl Of Times Path

by Hailey   Jun 23, 2005

I Look Into The Story Book
That She Once Held In Bed
I See The Fairy tales She Believed
All The Images Of Prince's She Was Read

But Then I Close The Book For Now
Belonging To a Little Girl Who Isn't Anymore
Take A Walk On Times Path Of Life
And Through Her Life,Walk Through That Broken Door

A Life Overgrown By Vines Of Deceit
Wilted Black Flowers Of A Broken Heart
A Tunnel That Began So Bright For Her
Consumed By Darkness Before It Could Start

I See The Pain Of Rape
A Life Ruined At Only Thirteen Years
A Pond Where No Bird Could Live
Filled And Flows With her Crimson Tears

A Life Lived For Fifteen Years
And Ended Oh So Soon
A Princess With No Kiss So True
To Save Her From This Doom

A God Somewhere Upstairs
Who Didn't Save This Smile
A Brick Road She Walked So Lonely
Accompanied By Tears For The Mile

A Journey She Didn't Finish
Her Wings Were Torn Half Way Through
Eaten Away By The Pain Of Deceit
An Angel Of Our Time Who Never Flew

A Prince Who Never Came In Time
A Wicked Soul who En captured Pain
A Rainbow That Never Appeared In The Sky
After Her Life Was Flooded By Rain

A Clock In The Corner Of This Life
That Stopped And Never Began Again
Warped In A Night She'd Rather Forget
The Hands Of Time Put To An End

Words Of Wisdom from Loved Ones
Fill The Eary Thick Air
The Belief Its OK To Cry
But Pondering Do They Really Care

A Beautiful Dress Ripped And Shredded
Torn From The Heart Down
Images To Remind This Broken Soul
That She'll Always Wear a Frown

Yet The Pond Of Crimson Tears Flooded
And Subsided To Empty One Rainy Night
The Path Was Torn Up And Removed
This Broken Life Was Washed From Sight

Memories That Filled The Air
Were One Night Completely Faded
The Feeling Of Being Lonely left Her
No More Was She Left Feeling Jaded

The Story Book Was Buried
Accompanied with A Tiny Body In The Ground
Filled With Soil Of A Broken Past
Along With A Silence That Had A Sound

A Sound Not Of Screaming Cries
But More Like A Little Girls Laugh
An Angel Saw The Pond So deep
And Built This Little Girl A Raft

And With That A Soul Set Free
And Into A Better World Above She Ran
And When i Closed The Story Book
I Said To Myself "Is This What I Really Am"

I Haven't Written In Ages So This Isn't So Great..But It Was A Release...Comments And Votes Would Be Nice..Thank you


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  • 11 years ago

    by Zubayer Zakir Khan

    Well u said u haven't written in ages but still haven't lost touch aha?.. nice! Well form is temporary but class is permanent.. thats the case with u.