I Ask The Lord Today

by Hailey   Jul 19, 2005

Look At That Grieving Mother
And You'll See What Rape Can Do
Tell Those Four Lost Brothers
About Forgiveness Fair And True

Tell That Broken Father
A Reason His Baby Girl Is Gone
And When He Visits Her Grave
Remember He'll Be All Alone

For This A Cruel World
Full Of Lies And Deceit
And Now We See A Family
Who Now Face Defeat

A Mother Mourning For Her Daughter
Who Was Only Just Sixteen
Who Woke Up Two Long Years Ago
In Some Warped Horrid Dream

Four Brothers Who Are So Lost
One Who's Only Three
He Wont Even Remember Her
Just That Once A Year,That Family Visits The Sea

An Eldest Brothers Who's Just Nineteen
And Lost A Little Sister To Protect
Tell Him Not To Feel His Feelings
The Ones Of Guilt And Neglect

Tell The Fourteen Year Old
That Teenage Years He'll Get Through
Because Now He Thinks If His Sister Couldn't Make It
Than Whats The Hope For Me Or You

Tell The Twelve Year old Pain Gets Better
And To Ignore The Fight They Had That Fateful Day
Because Now He Lives With Pain And Tears
Because He Never Told Her What He Had To Say

Oh And Don't Forget To Tell The Little One
That Life Is Precious Enough To Live For
And Why He Missed Out On Having A Big Sister
Because Hers Wasn't Precious Anymore

And Tell That Grieving Broken Father
Why He Wont Her Down The Isle
Or Hold Her First Child In His Arms
Because His Only Daughter Is Gone For A Little While

And The One Who Hurts The Most
The Mother Who Tried So Very Much
Explain To Her Why Her Daughters Gone
And She'll Never See Her Smile Or Feel Her Touch

Tell Her That You Know She Tried
But She Couldn't Heal Her Daughters Pain
And each Year On Her Daughters Birthday
Explain Why Her Daughter Makes It rain

And When Her Sob Wracked Body
Cant Wake From That Big Bed
Tell Her She Has Other Children
So To Lift Her Weary Head

When She Tried For Two Long Years
And Watched Her Died Die So Slow
And When She Thought She Was Getting Better
Her Daughter Still Decided To Go

Now Please Tell This Grieving Family
A Reason In Your Plan
Because Now You Leave A Broken Home
Dealing With A Pain No Human Can

So I Write This Letter To You God
To Find A Reason For Such Pain
You Seem To Know All The Reasons
Why Its Sunny And Why It Rains

So Please Tell Me About Forgiveness
For The Rape Upon That Little Girl
That Pain Its Caused Her From That Night
And Why She Left This World

Why She'll Never Be A Wife
Or Have Children Of Her Own
And Why She Spent So Many Days
Feeling So Utterly Alone

And Why Her Death Was Pitiful
And Why You Took Her Away
And Why Of All The Times To Take Her
You Took Her On Her Sixteenth Birthday

So Lord I Ask Today Of You
While I See Tears In That Families Eyes
A Really Meaningful Reason
A Reason Of Why It Was Me Who Had to Die.....


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  • 12 years ago

    by Zubayer Zakir Khan

    Great Poem again... i like it

  • 13 years ago

    by alicia

    Great poem 5/5 !

  • 13 years ago

    by FireCracker



    I LOVE IT !!!

  • 13 years ago

    by husbandlover

    Omg this poem is so awesome.it made me cry.i wish i had your talent.5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by JJ

    Wow! This is so amazing. *tears* You did an outstanding job writing this poem.