Down the road & under the rug.

by -Erin-   Jul 25, 2005

She's been down that road before
and as long as she knows that feeling
the need to walk back down it will always be there
it may be rare but ,it IS there, and it WILL remain.

Can’t deny it,
On her “friends” she won’t rely.
They lie, False directions they will give.
words of promise, that will never be kept.

A sentiment swept under a rug.
with all the others,
Yearning...Burning to have.

Although in time the rug will move.
Desires will be uncovered,
Once again, She’ll sweep them away,
for as long as they will stay.
spirits will weaken soon,
and the road.... it won’t seem that bad.

For a while she’ll act as if everything's OK
Soon,the act will break and she will fall.
All she wants is her fake reality.
So with no directions needed, she'll find the road.
Once back in, it'll be all smiles and grins.

For a while her fake reality is all that's needed.
She’ll wake back up and find herself,
once again, lost on this dreadful path.
Someone will drive by, and take her home.

In circles she will run.
every time the dirt finds it’s way from under the rug.
So as long as she won’t admit..... help she will not get.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Mandy Lou

    This was a great write...I enjoyed it thoroughly...quite different from anything else I've ever read, but still, reminds me of my sister in a way...5/5