Forgiven, but not forgotten

by WakeboardxChick   Jul 26, 2005

I remember the day
The time and the place
That my so-called friend
Told it all to my face

At school, in line
Pizza day today
Then my so-called friend
pushed me out of the way

She stared me straight in the eye
With the meanest look
In the next two minuets
My breath was took

One of her friends
As she walked past
Said \"Oh by the way\"
I told your crush to the class

That was ok
Not that big of a deal
Till my so-called friend
Said our friendship wasn\'t real

She said \"I was just pretending,
Who would ever be your friend
But it wasn\'t over
It just started to begin

So i sat at the lunch table
All by my self
Then my real friends sat down
And sorta helped

They saw my tears
So I told them it all
I was once so high up
But now i fall

There was this one girl
That i barely knew
She made me laugh
and pulled me through

And these other two peeps
Who i knew very well
But not someone
All my secrets i would tell

The two told me jokes
And made fun of the groups hair
They lifted me high
And told me they were there

Across from my table
Sat my very best friend
Who didnt say anything
And made my happy faze end

It hurt me to know
that the people i trusted most
did the least
hurt the most

Later that day
That so-called friend said to me
Im so sorry
Please forgive me

And i forgave her
So she said with a smile
Thanks once again
Ill see ya in a while

Then in reading
she passed me a note
\"Wanna come over?\"
I replyed \"no\"

Yes i forgive her
for the mean things she said
But i cant forget
The words, still stuck in my head

You see, its easy to forgive but its so hard to forget, my story might not of meant alot to you guys, but I cant describe what a shock it was to hear \"All the secrets you told me when you accually thought we were friends, arent as safe with me as you think they are\" And sliding down the lockers crying isnt easy

So brit, words can hurt alot, be careful what you say

and olivia i stick up for you, would it hurt to stick up for me, thats what friends are made of

A JaNeAn OrIgInAl

Thx alyssa, emily and collen for cheerin me up

luv ya\'s

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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Esther

    I really LOVED your poem! it was so mint and very emotional!

  • 12 years ago

    by Esther

    Cool!! poem sorry that it's true!!

  • 12 years ago

    by ~â‚£ading |nspiration~

    Hello girl...I just realize I read all your poems...tell me when you write more okey...

  • 12 years ago

    by Iyla

    Awww, im sorry, i hope everything works out for you darling!! i really do great poem tho, it had alot of emotion. great job!!

  • 12 years ago

    by RadianceInReverse

    I liked this poem. I can relate ive had "friends" like that who stabbed me in the back! and friends who i knew would always have my back no matter what happens in life!!! Keep writing such amazing poetry!!!