One day

by Walter F Alvarado   Aug 12, 2005

Is about time we stand
up and make a difference

Before the end of
our existence

We know all things have
and end

But what are we going to do
until then

They say the future depends
on my generation

But look at what is happening
to our nations

Mankind destroying mankind
with the weapons they've created

Instead of being united we are
being divided

And what are the consequences?

Every day kids die from starvation
in every single nation

They rather spend money on a
nuclear weapon

Rather than to feed and clothe
a poor person

People leaving in homes that are
almost falling apart

Thinking of that just breaks
my heart

More people taking there life's

Thinking that theres no other

The world we live in is becoming
corrupt every passing day

But i know this life will end
one day


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  • 9 years ago

    by xLeftxBehindx

    This is a really good poem. It is totally true about our world today. It flows very well. Just watch your spelling and some of the words. Other than that you did an awesome job on this piece.