Cheating death

by cHeAtInG dEaTh Nd sTrIpPeD dOmNiQuE   Aug 15, 2005

Life is so funny never knew whats coming wen it finally hits,
it does not matter a bit sometimes so beautiful like fresh drops of dew on rose petals ,
Even b4 d sun Cm's den later so ugly,
like a knife struck Thru Ur heart,
Even hurts wen u breath in or out,
fer once u fly hi in sky den u suddenly feel too heavy 2 take a step,
rite now i feel so lost no 1 to hurt me or make me cry,
no 1 to luv me or hold me tight,
i feel so lonely how cm no 1 to know me ask me,
its like 1 million crosses allover my body,
i cant breath my own blood is so heavy,
i think iv lost it i cant regain just gone until born again,
oh god Please take me i cant take dis load everyday,
Please cant die everyday kill me once,
Des juxtaposition of emotions r but imaginary,
everything was fake what i tot was m9 never was,
i gt fooled blindfolded in my tots,
a jerk i was maniac about a desire never fulfilled,
NOW i realizing it Will not tie down as each blood drop Cm's it forms a new layer,
i take my wings nd try 2 fly not even death Can now kill my notion,
a tot an emotion a hope although I'm bleeding.


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  • 12 years ago

    by BrOkEnGlAsS

    great!!! your really good keep it up!!!

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