True Love seperated By Suicide Itself

by Marissa Methanphetamine   Aug 20, 2005

He left her for boarding school,
That cool October day,
He called her to tell her,
He has a few final words to say.

But her father interrupted,
And told her to get off the phone,
Then he reminded her there is no talking to boys,
Especially not alone.

She snuck out to meet him,
She met him at the park,
By the time she got there,
It was very dark.

He told her he loved her,
And gave her a note,
He told her to wait until she got home,
To read what he had wrote.

He then kissed her,
And he held her tight,
They both cried and said goodbye,
He walked her home for the last time that night.

She got in her room quickly,
Eager to read his note,
Finally she began to read it,
This is what he wrote:

“I hate you b****,
I never loved you,
You meant nothing to me,
I hope you know my feelings are true.

Your touch meant nothing,
I don’t miss your smell,
I will never miss you,
That you could already tell
--- I hate you… Sean

She took the letter,
And threw it away,
She was sad and confused,
Until her friend explained the next day.

She said he told her he slipped something in her pocket,
It was another note,
She said not in her pants pockets,
But one that was in her coat.

It said:
Hate = love
Never= always
Nothing= everything
don’t= do

Under the decoded words he wrote a message,
He explained why he said the horrible things he said,
He didn’t want her father to find out about them,
She carried on and read.

“Not seeing you already kills me,
I already miss your smell,
It hurts to know I wont be able to hold you,
I’m living my own private hell.”

“I’m going to miss your kisses,
And holding you by your waist,
I will never forget you or our love,
So please don’t let my memory and my love be erased.”

Her eyes filled up with tears once again,
They streamed down her face,
She misses him so much,
She put the note in a hidden case.

She was happy until she saw the news,
“Plane going to all boys boarding school crashed,
15 out of 20 boys dead or missing,
Again her world was trashed.

She decided she wanted to be with him
So she committed suicide,
That is how her short life was ended,
That is how the saddened girl died.

That night Sean called,
He left her a message on the machine for her,
This is what he said,
Before his life became a blur.

“I’m sorry if I scared you,
I’ll make it up to you I swear,
I couldn’t get on the plane,
I had to see you one more time because I love the relationship we share.

When he called her friend,
And found out she had died,
He held her picture close,
And he too… committed suicide.

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  • 11 years ago

    by m i s s k a t e l y n

    Wow, i loved it, but it left me in tears.

  • 11 years ago

    by ashley

    Omg i just dont no wat to was realli sad from the start...i loved the story that this poem held....i just dont no wat else to say...i realli hope to read more of your writings

  • 11 years ago

    by Breeeezie

    WOW 500/500! really i like to read this over and over.. im going todo the i hate you thing to my friend

  • 12 years ago

    by pain is me

    That was wonderful
    and sad
    love...what a terrible and wonderful thing

  • 13 years ago

    by amanda

    Wow that was great im in tears. keep up the great work