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hey guys/girls i love writing poems when im \\\"in the mood\\\" even tho most of them suck but i would really apreciate it if you would rate them. i will return the favor!! 8*)

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  • Your all I think about,
    Each and every day...

  • Wigger (3)

    You walk down the school halls
    acting like a wigger...

  • You go around acting like your black
    and always grabbing at you sack...

  • I hate my life
    so i just end it with this knife...

  • Because of you i will never love another man
    as long as i walk this land...

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  • As i look into your eyes
    i remember all the hurtfull good byes

    16 years ago
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  • You walk down the school halls
    and act like a wigger
    always grabbin on you ba||s
    like some sorta n|gger

    its part of my new poem called wigger sorry if i affend anyone by using the N word im not rasist it just rhymed so im sorry

    16 years ago
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  • What are you dyslexic
    reading my backwards and saying im anorexic

    16 years ago
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