by Jacki   Nov 19, 2003

I read and read to help me find these words that i can not wright.
There are no words that can describe my unbarrable pain, that you can not see.

Nothing is going right and nothing seems fair but all it is, is dispair.

The higher i get the harder i fall.
Harder and harder till i hit the wall.
THere's nothing you can say that could change my ways.

Just sit back and let me write my pain.
Angles drop rain, that could by my fears, but i beilve they are just my tears.

Satan starts fires which could be my salavation, but it's just my devistation.

Later i learned and saw a light
that might just be my way out.
but of course it could be a trick like a flicker of a stick.

Matches burn and
candles melt
my sould that seems
to fall apart.

Tenderness is all it takes
a moment of your time away.

Sit with me, and let me go.
Read to me like i Read to you.

Yet nothing you could say could make me change my ways, so don't be sad when i look the other way.
And look threw you like you're a million miles away.

I'm just the transparent ghost that sits in corner and can't find her way home.



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