Raped *14yrs. old*

by Jasmine M. Johnson   Nov 20, 2003

It's 12 in the morning
It's time to go to sleep
My heart is racing so fast it skips a beat
as i doze into a deep dream
hearing footsteps as though that's what it seem
walks in the room with a smile on his face
made up in his mine he's going to move in a fast pace
no time for me to scream or think
only thing I feel is my body starting to sink
Try to close my eyes
So he can't see me cry

Looking around seeing clothes falling on the floor
then starts to cry harder b/c my body's so sore
Not knowing if I can take anymore
thinking to myself what was this for
looks me in the eyes and starts to grin
Now I'm realizing he was my dads friend

I'm starting to wonder how much can I take
b/c my body is starting to tremble and shake

I kicked he push, i screamed he push harder
I yelled he hit me, I cried he hit me harder
I close my eyes praying to the lord above
Asking was this what he call love
I finally felt his body start to slow down
then he left the room without a sound
I cried and cried until I couldn't no more
then I heard this loud sound it was the door
It was that man coming for some more
I'll never forget that horrible night
b/c I gave in without a fair fight
but when that night was finally done
I ended up nine months later having his son

* this is a true story i was only 14yrs.old. so pleaz comment and be truthful*


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by she

    Im so sorry this happened to you,not that my words can possibly take ur pain,but hope things go well with u and ur son.
    hug's and luv-monique

  • 11 years ago

    by Chemically Corrupted

    This is nice, but i know some one who was raped when she was 11 years old...

  • 11 years ago

    by kaiLa


    im so sorry for what happened... and uhm, i hope that he rots in jail for it..

    you are strong and im proud of you; i know it is hard being pregnant at an early age cos one of my closest friend is too..

    just want you to now that if ever you need someone to talk to, i'm here.. ok?


    take care always


  • 12 years ago

    by Jasmine

    I know how u fell...beeen getting raped by my moms boyfriend since i was 4 and i have too kids by him twin girls so if u need someone to taljk to im here...oh yeah by the way my name is Jasmine too...

  • Hey im really really sorry for wht the b**sted did to you,
    i hope things are going betterfor you know,and that your little boy grows up to be happy and strong
    keep strong mel

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