The School Friends

by HeavenzEyez   Aug 30, 2005

I look back and think of my friends from my school days
Those friends followed me through every craze.

My weekends were filled hanging about
Thinking about the boys we'd just asked out.

Trips and sleepovers we all did plan
And talked about our days, superstars and our hot new tan.

Morning of school and we'd all meet
All at the end of one of our streets.

Talking in class always ended in trouble
Never the less, we were always believable.

Breaks times and dinners we chilled on the field.
We talked about secrets,they were always revealed.

Home time we cheered has we walked through the park
everyplace we went, we always left our mark.

But now those days are now over
Our friendship was as precious as a four leaf clover.

We haven't kept in touch
But forever those memories i will clutch.

I remember what my parents always say
School days were the best in each and every way.


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