The Darkness Fumes Upon I,the Lone Wolf

by Avrii Monrielle   Aug 30, 2005

To dye them red in anguish
To be the bilathe of pity
I try to swipe my claws in pain
My bloody fur
Pelted,the shining silver defiliated
As my coarse fangs have been
The moonlit shadows which decay before me
As hollow trees echo all my cries
The raindrops on stones trickle
I walk upon the ground
I pull upon my pelt to shade off the storm
The bliss of wood ashunder
I run towards a cave
The lonely pit
Of a one-spinst cave
Which I go towards
In captivity
Towards my own soul
Which will not willingly untie my bonds

~*Dedicated to Weeping Wolf*~


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Weeping Wolf

    Lol haha ya i really did! i also like all undyin blushers poems too, lol.:)

  • 12 years ago

    by undying blusher

    I see weeping wolf loved it. Wonderfully written. :)


  • 12 years ago

    by Weeping Wolf

    Omg rainy!!!! You wrote a poem..for me?!! I couldnt believe it when i saw what u wrote! It sounded just like somthin i would write! I'm so amazed, then i saw "dedicated too.." ohhh ur sooo sweeet! ur the best twin the whoooolleee world! u got my feelings perfectly rite, u must read my mind. I printed n cut out the poem and put it all on my wall so i could read it=) luv ya rainy, ur the greatest!

    PS> i sent u friend cris a message, iono if u told him about me but i just told him that you wanted me to talk to him ( my comment is on his featured poem) so iono if he'll rite back but i hope he does cuz he seems like a cool guy lol.
    thx again rainy/coolest twin!
    (i'm gonna write u a poem soon k?)
    weepin wolfy