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If you think you would like to know me, send me an e-mail, PM, or IM me...you can get to know me somewhat through my poetry, but my poems aren't all about me personally...

I enjoy feedback!

I tend to make comments correcting grammar in poems, and I don't understand the (few) who find it insulting and say it "Takes away from the meaning of the poem - just read it for what it is" or whatever... it makes me stumble and pause when there's incorrect grammar/usage. I would think you'd want the reader to only focus on the meaning and flow of the poem. I can truly appreciate it then. I explained that horribly. xD Gwa, it's been a long time!

***AIM: undyingblusher*** -- myspace.com/undyingblusher -- *burntfae.deviantart.com* --

If anyone is looking for someone to listen or talk to, I am (still) here ;] Plenty of people say that, but I don't mean it as an empty offer. Ah well.

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  • Tears drip
    droplets sink
    vision blurs
    lashes moisten
    nose reddens
    eyes sting
    hard to breath
    crawl into a ball if able
    but no shield detectable
    no one can be held accountable

    18 years ago
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  • My lips are sealed
    nothing is revealed
    who is there to tell
    who is not to fear
    nothing is spoken
    my words are written

    18 years ago
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  • “Something awful could happen at any moment, whilst something nice/pleasant could happen - just the same.”

    18 years ago
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