He passed by

by HeavenzEyez   Sep 3, 2005

He passed me by
he never looked at me
he seemed so shy
Couldn't of guessed That we
Would ever be together
now it seems we'll last forever
nothing can go wrong
we seem so right
seems so long
since i first met him that night

Haven't loved him yet
but I'm getting there
seems different from when we first met
i didn't seem to have a care
but now I'm willing to share
so much with him
didn't expect it to last
but I'm changing my mind
because he seems to be the best
that I've caught
this is my thought

Its taking me so long
to realize
what he really means to me
i look into his eyes
and see everything i want to see
see him loving, caring
see him sharing
his heart with me

I read his mind
see his thoughts
see how he is so kind
see everything he's been taught
taught how to love a girl
with his heart
with his world
never to rip her apart

he touched my heart
with his hands
with his soul
here he stands
making me feel so tall


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