Youll Never Really See

by Hailey   Sep 19, 2005

Heres That Broken Story
Of How You Saved That Little Girl
You Taught Her How To Stand
And Make A Go Of This Cruel World

You Showed Her Love So Much
And Told Her Its OK To Cry
You Said You'd Never Leave Her
Not Even The Day,She Dies

And Even Though Your Gone Now
Shes Fighting With All Her Might
You Showed Her Its All Worth it
Sometimes You Just Gotta Fight

But You've Seen What Others Haven't
The Girl Who Cant Seem To Make It Through
The Girl who Cuts And Cries
But Shes Not That Girl Now Cause Of You

You've Seen The Scars Many Times
And Heard The Painful Stories Told
You Seen her Shed Tears A Million Times
You've Watched Her Pretend Shes Strong And Bold

But You've Always Known Shes Faking
And This Is Where You Got It Wrong
She Never Faked A Thing With You
She Was Being Herself With You All Along

She Never had To Hide From You
Or Pretend She Was Doing OK
She Never Thought That If She Broke
That You Might Just Walk Away

You Wiped Her tears On Rainy Days
And Held Her Through Stormy Nights
But You Kept the Rain From Inside Her Heart
And Thats What Makes It All So Very Right

You Question if She Loved You
But Loving You Is What She Did Best
You Gave Her Strength When She Couldn't Fight
You Fought For Her When She Needed To Rest

And Now Your Gone And Angry
Living Another Life You've Made
Taking The Distant Memory of Her
And Watching It Slowly fade

But She Stills Looks At The Pictures
That Hang And Stand On Her Wall
There The Memories She Keeps Close
Every time She Thinks She Might Fall

She Wonders How Your Doing
But She Knows You'll be OK
She Puts You In Her Pr-ares
Each And Every Day

But Goodbyes All Come Along
And This Is Where It Comes To An End
Keep The Happy Moments Treasured
Because The Painful Things Will Never Mend

So This Poem Is Written And Read
Filled With Things You Don't Know You Can See
Because That Girl That Crosses Your Mind Each Day
Is Forever And Will Always Be Me....

Comments And Votes Would Be Nice..Thanks..I Wrote This For Someone..Just To Show...I Always Cared...Alright Thanks...Its Not The Best Poem..Sorry Everybody..Bye


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