by kayla   Sep 23, 2005

There not a day that goes by i don't think of you
i miss you so much and i no poppy does too
nanny every time i think of you it makes me cry
i know i mess up alot
but i know your always but my side
there so many things i cant remember
theres so many things i wish we had
i wish i could have one xmas with you that all remember forever
poppie isnt happy i worry about him
but i know if you saw you thing would be fine
your house gone
that makes me sad
i wish there was someway i could see you again
i know im not close with my cousins but if you were here i know i would have been
sometimes i just here and cry thinking for you sometimes i wish i died instead of you
nanny this world doesnt like me
but if you were here i know you would help me
me and dad talked one day about you it was pretty much the first
i finally know what really happened that night you died
nanny if only you were here i could tell you everything dads not happy i know he not i wish there was some way i could help him
all cry my self to sleep tonight again...

i know its not really a poem im not good at that i just had to put all this down i wrote stuff like this on paper on threw it out so my dad doesn't no how i feel... she died when i was 2 i love here so much

rip marie blinkhorn died January 31/1993 love you


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