Honoring the death of a great man

by Ashley Washer   Sep 24, 2005

This is what I read at my uncles funeral today (September 23rd, 2005)

We stand here and watch them bury you today,
they say your gone, dead, left this life behind,
but that's not true, for in our hearts you will forever live,
and in our memories you'll always be there for us to find.

We honor your life with flowers and speeches,
we honor you with the love and whole in out hearts,
you will never and can never be replaced,
for when you died we were all torn apart inside.

You were the greatest man I've ever known,
I would never give up the tome we spent together,
and with the tears I shed, and the grief I feel,
your memories will be honored, your life celebrated,
your existence never forgotten.

I know you look down from that cloud you sit on,
for I can feel the pride you have for everyone in this room,
it gives me strength knowing you are still with us,
and will be for as long as we are alive.

Your life was cut short, but still you lived it to its greatest extent,
you explored the world, and everything in it.

You showed me that life is not just the here and the now,
but the then and the there as well,
but with your death I was taught the greatest lesson,
that you should never dwell on the past nor the future,
but the now, for life can end at any point, for any reason,
to anyone, even the greatest man that ever lived.

Gerhard Buerkel
March 8th, 1950- Sept. 18th, 2005

I love my uncle with every part of me. Hes my hero and always will be. I love him so much. And miss him even more.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Angel Sanctuary ©

    Nice speach/poem.. Keep it up

  • 11 years ago

    by Talisa

    I really enjoyed this poem I understand it really well my 1st love was murdered anbd my nana past away and my BEST friend kyle was killed on impact by a drunk driver.. Thanks for sharen this poem!