Never Forgotten ? ` |iv `

by x0xTaKeMeAwAyx0x   Oct 2, 2005

I will never forget you, i promise,
You`ll remain forever in my heart,
Even though you`ll be watching over me,
And we`ll be so far apart,

I could never forget you,
Or what you`ve done for me,
You`ve helped me hold on,
I need you, if only you could see,

Every time i see you fake another smile,
I know it may be your last,
Your forever hidden,
Behind that mask,

I\'m not ready to let you go,
Or say goodbye,
Please dont leave me,
With a thousand tears to cry,

I know its all too much,
And your sick of life,
So you cut yourself into a thousand pieces,
With your blood stained knife,

I\'m not going to tell you to hold on,
Or tell you theres a better day
Because we both know there isn\'t,
Its just what people say,

If you go and leave me in this world alone,
It wont be long till i join you,
Without you i wont stay,
I wouldn\'t know how to,

You dont deserve this,
None of this pain,
Everyday taking you closer to the edge,
Never to return again,

What else to say,
When the time is running out,
A thousand words id say,
For everyone to hear, id shout,

No more pain, or suffering,
Now your eternally asleep,
Memories of my torn and shattered beautiful friend,
I\'ll forever keep,

I love you, but do what makes you happy,
I\'ll stand by you forever,
You\'ll never be forgotten,
In heart we\'ll be together,
Dont let go, stay a little longer,
You know it will kill me, and I\'ll cry,
I guess for you the end is near,
Is this our final goodbye ?

` t0day y0u saw y0ur her0 fa|| apart, the 0ne wh0 taught y0u t0 be str0ng `

` I\'m s0rry, |0ve y0u. x `


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Rain

    Hi, i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your poem! its so cool, its so touching. i guess in some ways i can relate to your poem. =) thanks its a great poem!

  • 12 years ago

    by Pure Silence

    Wonderfully Done!
    Your poem For Livi is Amazing=) I hope the two of you are doing alright! Im here if you need to talk, this poem is sad but beautiful! keep it up and you stay strong, and a better day isn't aways just what people say

    Jenn x0x0x

  • ='( im sorry. beautiful poem. "today i saw my hero fall apart, the one who taught me to be strong" i got to that bit and just cried my eyes out, your everything to me. love you precious. xx

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