Why girls are not more like boys!

by Firooz   Oct 2, 2005

God knows why girls are not more like boys!
Girls think too much, and understand too little.
A girl's heart says one thing, and she does another.
God knows why girls aren't more like boys!

She's all tangled up herself,
but the only thing she worries about untangling is her hair.
We are good friends,
but I've never looked at you that way.

It is all good, but still,
I have never thought about the issue.
A girl comes up to you saying,
"You are unlike anyone else."
And in a few days, she doesn't find anything different about you.

what sort of shirt are you wearing?
What kind of haircut have you gotten?
You drive too fast;
why are you always in a hurry?

A girl approaches you only to change you.
She devises schemes to destroy you.
She makes you laugh with what she says;
first she makes you laugh, then she makes you angry.

God knows why girls aren't more like boys!
if you're so happy on your own,
then why do you pursue women?
Why do you bring flowers, or a thousand little presents?

You didn't tell me your name;
want to go for a coffee?
Shall I drop you home? Will we meet again sometime?
A disordered, meaningless, wasted way of living;

and you lay a hand on your heart and swear you're different!
A wet towel left on the floor, the toothpaste cap tossed aside,
wearing yesterday's socks inside-out,
heedless of the time!

A girl teaches you the way to live.
A girl makes you from a beast into a man.
You wouldn't last a second without her!
But she knows you'd never be able to admit it.

That's why girls are not like boys.
Who knows how many occasions she reminds you about.
Whether or not she forgets the love,
she never forgets the dates.

Our eyes met on the first of March;
on the fourth of April, I came to meet you.
On the 21st of May, I touched you;
sixth of June, something happened to me.

What does it matter to boys? They go with the flow.
Now he is hers, and now he's with someone else.
Your mom and dad are not at home?
Should I come over?

Your friend's going home alone? Shall I drop her?
Just to say one "yes," how she makes you dance around!
When we get tired, they console us.
When they get shy, that is when they hide.

When a girl says yes, she stands by it.
This is why girls are not like boys.
What's there to fight about in this, my friend?
At first, they circle you like bumblebees.

Then they say they're busy and start to avoid you.
I have a lot of work today." Understand,
darling, I have a lot of work today.
At least listen to me!

what if I'm far away; your name is in my heart.
The face they were crazy about gets boring.
After a few days, their eyes start wandering.
Life doesn't run on love alone.
Why don't you do a course in interior design?

~~~~Just Firooz~~~~
Love all hate none.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by ash

    I'm insulted!not all girls are like that!i'm not!you can't assume we ALL are!it's funny in a way,but in another very insulting!:/ lol but it's all good...i have no room to talk for being mean toward the male gender as well...

  • 11 years ago

    by Mimi

    I thought this was going to totally bash women but I think you're sorta defending us. I like it in its wierd little way. I think you might want to reastate the thesis as like a conclusion again at the end. Thanks for the comment btw.

  • 11 years ago

    by bc

    I give 5/5 Nice poem =)

  • 11 years ago

    by Farida Kira

    LOVED IT lol......great job!! and thnx for the comment...hope 2 read more of ur poems...

  • 11 years ago

    by Nicole Nolen

    Another great poem i must say!!!!