Awaiting the Moment

by lostwithin   Oct 7, 2005

I was always scared,
That this day would come,
And when it hit me,
I knew it wouldn't be fun,

When the moment came,
I got so upset,
I just thought to myself
" I feared this from the moment we met",

Then I got a knot in my heart,
And I started to get a bad vibe,
You had suddenly been acting different,
And I was scared to ask why,

Finally I got the nerves,
To ask you what was wrong,
When I got the response,
The silence was prolonged,

I did not know what to say,
And I did not know where to start,
I was to busy.
Feeling the decreasing beat of my heart,

After I was told the incredibly upsetting news,
I still was at a loss of words,
The only words I could say,
Were simply, " I love you".

I did not get mad,
I did not yell,
I maintained calm,
And began thinking to myself,

I began thinking about how much I loved you,
How much I care,
And most of all thinking about What I would do,
If you were no longer there,

It is getting progressively better,
And I pray the progress continues to rise,
Because no matter what happens,
You will always be the OnE I love deep down InSiDe


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