by bex   Oct 10, 2005

Your last breath, the ultimate justice for the love I lost
Her tears on your pillow replace mine with growing progression
But I can't help but feel this situation is just.
Your beliefs fell with that look in your eyes
So misshapen and ugly, I truly crave to forget you.

To breathe would be a devious gift
For your lips to penetrate the desperation of tomorrow;
I won't bare to watch while her inner screams echo
That which could only be a burden.
Your touch that once made me quiver
Now sickens me to an everlasting depth.
It pains me to think I ever loved you
But to settle my heart beat I'll pretend just like you do.

Remembrance is an abstract I resent.
To have your image embedded in my mind,
Your fingertips scorching the imperfections of my skin.
To blend and merge into the background would be a welcomed existence
To continue to follow these uncouth footsteps is a lifetime
I'd avoid at all costs.

The meagre taste of you was always so bittersweet
Our attraction seems so misjudged
Now it rests merely in pieces.
Unrequited love of a distorted calibre surges through my veins.
With no remorse I'll disease your name and all that is about you.
Disfigurement is all that greets me,
This shallow grave I inhabit feels so disturbed.

To render you speechless would be a thing of pure gold,
An utter silence to me could be bliss.
For a time when my head is un-invaded by you,
A natural end is all I have to give.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Nick

    'For your lips to penetrate the desperation of tomorrow'

    such a beautiful line... your so amazing