A poem for my teenage son. He is the best!!!

by applecheeks   Dec 3, 2003

How long ago was your
Child-like innocence

When your world was so fun
And didn’t have to make sense.

Now the time has come
That your finally a teen
And thoughts of my lil’ boy
Are all but a dream

It saddens my heart
And at times makes me cry
How easily you disregard us
And would kiss us good-bye

Your exterior so hard
You wont let us in
You hide yourself so deeply
Inside your heavily armored skin

Your in your own space
No room for your family
Even though we love you
And try to so desperately

Its my prayer that you’ll love us
The way that we love you
Even though you think were
Mean in everything we do

No matter how far
You’ll push us away
Well love you and cherish
You with each passing day

I’ll pray for you daily
To our father above
In hopes that one day
Your family you’ll love

And understand that
We have your best interest at heart
And we have Jesse(our little boy still)
From the very start!!!!

Me and your dad love you Jesse even though you don’t really think we do. You are a special person and im proud of who you are. I just want you to love us is all, cuz we really do love you and care about you sooooooooo much, now and forever!!!


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