A new chapter

by kat   Oct 17, 2005

Autumn leaves fall
and the cool breeze tickles my nose
my mind wandering through events of the year
and i feel at peace
sitting alone
watching the world turn
and i was wrong the world did not end when we split
instead it opened many new doors
a deep breath
out with the old and in with the new
a familiar saying that never had related to me until now
its amazing how when you think
your life has hit rock bottom
you begin to think in a way you never have before
which makes everything feel almost new
life does get better no matter how you wish to deny it
if you just quit making things worse than they really are
healing wounds wont take as much time and you can move on...
silence falls
and the sun sets
painting the sky in hues of purple orange and pink
i take my last sip of cocoa
and head inside
my thoughts cleared for the night
i finally can sleep without a thought of you keeping me awake
and im ready to end this chapter in my life and start a new one


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