Alone on the streets

by kerri   Oct 23, 2005

Alone again
all on my own
a long road
that has no end

all by myself
sitting on the street
with nothing to warm up
my frozen cold feet

a thin blanket
made out of string
i get my nutrition
from things out the bin

the clothes that im wearing
comes out of people\'s trash
oh you dont know how much
i would like some cash

sitting in an alley
a cat her and there
people dont undertsand
its something they couldnt bare

my hair is a mess
all down to my bum
i really wish
i had some food in my tum

i go up to people
but they run away
there is nothing i can do
nothing i can say

there is the odd person
who is very kind
it turns out that they
have some sort of mind

no education
no manners have i been taught
all the lessons i have learnt
are the lesons i have caught

its harder then it looks
to be alone on the streets
somebody help me
im begging you please


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