I Hate My Life

by Carol Davis   Oct 31, 2005

I hate my life,I want myself dead.
I want to go away and never come back,
looking into the depths of the deep blue sea.

I tie this rock around my waist,and walk into the deep
of this sea.
I hold my breath to help drown, I want to die,maybe I can
pour blood, and be eaten from this shark.

Maybe I can jump from the highest rock, and land upon
my head.
I saw this tower with wires a flash in my head,I can take my life
this way.

I hate everything I stand for,with everything I was meant to be.
I want to be gone from this dreadful life.
This voice appeared from somewhere unknown,my child
why do you hate yourself,and want to die?

I want to die because I have no-one to hold to call my own.
I have been told I have six months to live anyway.
So if I take my own life I won't feel this pain of death.

Now Lord I am asking upon request,to help myself
take my life, and end it now.
Give me this sign to how I can take my life away.

Do I drown?
Do I jump from above?
Do I shock my life away?
Waiting for this sign to come before I go to heaven or
hell within.


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