by Robert Gardiner   Nov 4, 2005


More beautiful than Beautiful, you're a dream come true.
You radiate, Beauty, from every part of you.
Your eyes, an ocean blue, of beautiful, enchanted, so, I am, by them.
They possess, such sparkle, a witching resplendence
That captivate me, so.
Nothing, as such, enthralls me, as your eyes, so beautiful,
lustrous and seductive.
There's just something about them. They possess, such magic.
I'm left, just wanting, more.
They seem, to call to me, beckoning me, to your shores.
There's no woman, out there, to match, your allure.
It seems, there's beauty, in your every contour,
Exhilarating, the very essence, of you.
Haunted, I am, by your heavenly hue
With every fiber of my being, I am, so, into you.

Your body, so seductive, bring, my passions, to a rise.
Pleasure is there perfection, in my eyes.
Your smile, radiant and lovely, captivates me, so,
Just to have you smile at me would set my heart, aglow.
You make me flutter, with Butterflies, you just take my breath away.
By you and your beauty, I'm left, just dazed.
Your wowing wonder, leaves me, utterly, amazed.
I'm moved, by you, in everyway.

Those lips, sumptuous, soft, and beautiful, luscious, lush, and full.
I beg, for a taste of them, I want to kiss them, so.
You, I can not resist.
The mere thought of you, alone, it is, such bliss,
That I can not contain.
Your beauty, sing to me, with such a, sweet, refrain.
Summoned, I am, by your siren's song.
To be, so close to you, my heart, it longs.
Amorous, for you, is my desire.
Such fervor, in me, your beauty inspires.

Your alluring, iridescent skin, in all of its lovely hues,
So silky, soft, and succulent, leaves me, wanting, a taste of you.
Never before, have I been, so enthralled.
By you and your beauty, I'm just, extolled.
Every time, I see you, in love, I fall.
Nothing matches, your utter, exhilarating, ecstasy.
If I had to give beauty a name, your name is what it would be!!!

Robert Gardiner

As always, your comments and votes much appreciated, thank you!!!

Dedicate to the Beauty & Grace of xoxo. Blessed, I am, to see, such Beauty. May I, one day, get to spend moments Basking in her Radiant, Resplendent Light...

Alternate for the 3rd line;

1) Green Eyes;
Your gorgeous, green eyes, spell me, to no end.
They possess, such sparkle, a witching resplendence

2) Hazel Eyes;
Your hazel, heavenly eyes, I await, to get lost in
They possess, such sparkle, a witching resplendence

3) Brown Eyes;
Your eyes, so brown and beautiful, I could gaze upon them, for hours on end.
They possess, such sparkle, a witching resplendence

4) Amber Eyes;
Your alluring, amber eyes enchant me, again, and again, and again.
They possess, such sparkle, a witching resplendence

5) Gray Eyes;
Your gray eyes, of beauty, I want to lose myself, within.
They possess, such sparkle, a witching resplendence


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    Your poems could even turn a priest into a savage, I fear:)

    Well done, so lovely to read the words of a man who knows the value of a woman:)

    Well done,

    5/5 Ingrid

    ps: thank you for reading so many of my poems!

  • 7 years ago

    by kelleyana

    Which guy could show so much love in his poem other than someone like you who knows and believe in what love is worth. I admire your love poems. It's like sitting in a room without ventillation, and all of a sudden a window opened and pours fresh air. Such a relief. Very well done, my friend, kel.

  • 12 years ago

    by dora

    0hh h0w nice. what a great p0em. i realli liked it. t0uching lines. very well written! keep it up darl! beautifully written!!
    l0tz 0f l0ve / d0ra