Problem Child

by Danielle Gagnon   Nov 9, 2005

They fight and yell
i screamed and fell
they pushed and shoved
i wished for love

they fight all the time because of me
im the problem again.. sweet misery
i cause the fights, screams and yells
i cause the lives living in hell

when im gone it will all be fine.
when im gone they will live no lies
when im gone lives will be good
when im gone they will play their song.

the gun is cold, heavy and bold
i held it once, but no one knows
but now their burden is leaving the world
now i wont sleep out in the cold

i pull the trigger.. i love u all
the problems leaving the world for good
so remember this next time u feel shoved and broken, your wounds wont heal
when your feeling lonely, and cold.
hell\'s no fun when u have no one to hold.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Allison

    I thought this was a very good poem.
    Keep up the good work. *5/5*

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