I Don't Wanna Lose You

by Krystle   Nov 10, 2005

Each day I sat next to his hospital bed,
watching him get worse and all I can do is cry.
A year ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia,
and the doctors said soon he will die.
One day we were in his room talking,
"Look, if I do die please don't cry for me."
"You're not gonna die we can fight this!"
"Babe I'm very sick, this we both can see...
... but when I'm gone i just want you to know..."
"Stop it! Just stop it! you're not going anywhere!"
"Listen to me! I just want you to know...
... I love you and i wanted a family for us to share."
"I love you too... please don't leave me here."
"If I had a choice i would be with you forever."
Reality hit me so hard i cried,
"Whenever I leave remember, in your heart we'll always be together."
"Thats not enough! I don't wanna lose you!"
"And i don't wanna leave but we dont get what we want in life!"
"I'm sorry if I upset you I didn't mean to...
... you just don't know how much i wanted to be your wife."
We cried together like never before,
I kissed him, hugged him, and said goodbye.
I planned to go see him first thing in the morning the next day,
But that night his doctor called and said that a few minutes ago he died.
Three days later I sat in front of his coffin,
his mother came up to me with a small box at hand.
I opened the box and there sat an engagement ring,
I always dreamed of this day, but this isn't what i planned.
When i got home that night I drank a bit too much,
When I tried to go to my room I tripped and hit my head.
I lost alot of blood and no one was around to help me,
when help came they were too late so now you and I are both dead.


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  • 11 years ago

    by BrightBlack

    This is sooo sad! I couldn't imagine that ever happening to me! That's horrible. If this was a real experiance then I am really really sorry, if not then wow you can really write without the experiance! x