S.O.S. (Same Old Stuff)

by *~broken~hearted~*   Nov 11, 2005

I've given up hope
I don't understand
What is wrong with me?
I'm in a different land

You see there's this guy
No not my boyfriend
It never is anymore
But we'll never come to an end

His name is Justin
He is very pretty
He's kind of my friend
If just an itty bitty

I don't think he likes me
Almost positive at that
How could he anyway?
I'm ugly and I'm fat

Maybe I'm insane
Or i should just lay off
I still have Cody
Even tho that calls for "*cough*"

I should appreciate him more
Way more then i do
But I feel like I'm lying
Every time i say "I love you"

He is the best thing that I have
Why don't i care?
But leave him for another?
No, I wouldn't dare


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