I never met you

by Sharon   Nov 11, 2005

I never met you.
Have you ever wondered about us?
I've wondered about why,
why did you run off on them?
were you so unhappy with what you had?
why wasn't it anove for you/
Why couldn't you see what you lost/
Why didn't you come?
were you so unhappy,
why didn't you char?
weren't you proud.....
You ask to forgive and forget,
but how can we forgive,
when you were never there,
how could we forget when you cost so much pain?
didn't you ever wonder about us>?
I guess it's too late for wonders,
I never had a grandfather,
I never knew you, I never needed you,
at one point it's okay to wonder what if,
what if you were here?
what if you were always there for us?
what if I love you?
what if you never left?
what if you were my hero?
how could you just forget you have a child and grandchildren?
is it easy to forget, something most people can only wish for?
will you remember us when it's too late?
will you remember us when it's time for you to go?
will you try to make things batter just so you can leaf in peace?
so we won't hate you when you're no longer here?
think of what you've down in life.....then think of what you haven't down in life.....
was it worth it?
it's hard to say good-bye to someone you've never met,
it's hard to say "I love you" when you never wanted anything to do with us for the best15 years.
It's hard to say I'll remember you when I never met you or ever seen a photo,
so as you lay on your bad think about us and what you've never had or ever going to gain,
because I've never had a grandfather or ever plane to.


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  • 11 years ago


    WoW! Great job! This seems to be a deep yet meaningful poem! I LOVE it! Keep up the great work! I'm looking foreward to more of your poems!