Lord This is My Cry To You ...

by ♥and its just an Untold Love story♥   Nov 15, 2005

Help me lord I'm crying out to you
in this life no more do i know what to do
i need your help you wisdom to guide me
if i don't have u to turn to who else can help me?

everything is coming to attack me at ever side
seems my only thought now a days is "I wish i could finally die"
this life no longer do i think i deserve to live
and now it seems I'm acting like a little kid

i don't want to do this i don't want to do that
but why in hell does this pain ALWAYS come back
i can't take it any longer
I'm not getting any stronger

i throw up my white flag to the war
this is a battle i don't want to live anymore
i paint my arm with my own blood
i watch it drip and i admire the red blood

everytime I'm hurting it's the knife i run to
Lord help me doesn't this show you I'm so confuse
i need someone to understand my cries
i so sick of this pretending and i can't stand these lies

i hide my trueness in fear of what others may think
when in my own mess fast i sink
the battle is over i have nothing left
i realized to let nobody i had to impress.

.Hey guys comment me please to let me know what you think .. thanks so much it means a lot to me .. I'll return the favor ;]


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  • 11 years ago

    by Me&You (simply magical)

    Oh hun this poem is beautiful!!!! *grabs tissue* almost made me want to cry. It had such depth (sp) and it was really good!!! If you ever need to talk.......i'm a good listener.
    luv jess xoxo

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